Spring cleaning.

Today after coming home from my blood test I had the urge to clean and organise things so I basically ripped my room apart. Pulled out the four years of stuff from under my bed and threw out heaps of blank paper or things from tafe I don’t need anymore, actually found my make up certificate! Also went through the top of my wardrobe which was kind of a war zone for the last four years, found my year 7 camp shirt and my year 7 shirt signed by all the people I no longer talk to or really desire to have contact with. Also found heaps of cute things from my childhood, I found my tooth keeper, the cute little fairy sitting on a toadstool, it’s a container I used to put my teeth in when I lost them as a kid and the tooth fairy would come. Amazing, I forgot I even had it. The inside of it is full of scribbles because I was a brat of a kid who didn’t know how much I’d value these things later. Also found those cute fair statues, a heap of photos, some stuff mum won and gave to me. I’ve donated about two large bags of clothes and I haven’t even cleared out the suitcase in my wardrobe yet, I’m dreading that one. My head feels clearer already knowing the clutter and mess is gone but I still can’t seem to fit all my stuff on my entertainment unit. I’ll have to rearrange some things I guess. Hopefully I can keep my room clean until my birthday (next Wednesday), first personal goal for 2013.