Closing a chapter.

Sometimes you’ll just never be on the same page as someone, no matter how hard you try and how many times you erase and adjust the way your feelings are presented and filtered out. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. It leaves you exhausted because you’re constantly emptying yourself and altering yourself and your perception to change the course of the chapter you’re in but there’s no controlling life or the lessons it presents to you. You can’t manipulate something that is (or isn’t) already meant for you, you can’t escape a lesson or the pain you know it will bring you. Recently I’ve come to the realisation that other people’s behaviour towards and treatment of me has a lot less to do with me and is much more about themselves. You can give and give and give yourself to someone over and over again but if they don’t truly want something or aren’t in the same place as you, you’ll be left feeling neglected, unappreciated and empty. Unloved and unwanted. As much as that hurts and it’s not something I easily accept, I refuse to let it haunt me the way it did the first time I was let down by someone I loved. Being mad at someone for their actions is easier to let go than being mad at yourself for falling for their words and excuses time and time again. I hold it against myself when others do wrong by me because I feel like I should have known better than to trust them in the first place. What I need to remember is that I wasn’t at fault for having hope in someone and their actions don’t define me.


It gets to a point where there is no use in talking about something anymore or seeking advice from others because there is nothing anyone can tell you to help you address a situation you’re simply not ready for. You can spill your guts again and again to the same people and eventually they won’t even notice you’re bleeding anymore because you’re constantly picking at a wound and reopening it rather than pulling the poison out and letting it heal. Eventually the infection will spread further, deeper through you and any physical symptoms you show are no longer the worst. Sadness can become like a parasite, slowly eating away at you piece by piece. Sometimes you don’t even notice it happening to yourself until you’re triggered and have a physical response and you’re instantly out of control because the flare up showed no warning signs because you’ve been living in a constant state of it and you grew used to it. You don’t know any different.

I feel like I let the same people and things hurt me time and time again but still expect a change and different results from the same behaviour. Somewhere along the line I lost my self respect and any value I once held, or maybe I never had any to begin with. The difficult thing about self esteem is that you need others to help build it up but it needs to be a part of your own foundation, something you maintain yourself and build on. Something you support yourself, and something to support yourself with. When you get to your mid twenties and still battle the same self loathing you struggled with since your late childhood and early teenage years, it becomes a hard bone to crack. My foundation is built up entirely of my low self esteem and mental illness and they go hand in hand, to an extent. While some days I am blinded by my depression and suffering within myself, light still seeps in through the cracks and it’s just enough to get me through each wave of darkness. But when it’s not, I’ve found that just sitting mindlessly on my lounge room floor, staring at a blank TV screen and allowing myself to be numb, no matter how uncomfortable it is and how much it hurts to feel like I’m splitting apart at the seams, the solitude can be eye opening.

There comes a point where you have to learn to fight for yourself and although survival is probably realistically all I can hope for and I may never feel actual contentment, I still hope that one day I’ll be strong enough to overcome this and not feel like I need a prescription I barely believe in to just survive and scrape by each day. I guess I’m posting this as a reminder to myself that although I am struggling today and while I am not ready to face all my demons, eventually I won’t be plagued by the same mistakes and lessons that just seem to cut deeper every time. In time I will be able to graciously accept the lessons I am being served and grow from them. Progress is often slow but in order to bear fruit, trees must form roots and seek nourishment from the dirt.

January 26.

I had the laziest day today. I slept in, woke up late, drank a big pot of tea to myself, did a hair treatment, laid on the couch under my doona and watched 80’s/90’s movies all afternoon/night. I forgot how nice it is to be comfortable in my own company. I find myself alone often but it’s not always as easy to be in my own company as it was today, sometimes I struggle and overthink myself to a point of frustration and dissatisfaction with myself and my life but today I just felt so content. My mental state was in a really good place today and I felt so at ease within myself, which is rare for me. I hope this year I can feel this more often and not succumb to my unstable moods as much as last year. 2015/24 was probably the toughest year I’ve ever had in terms of mental health and stability. I feel like I completely lacked any grounding and I found myself spiralling so frequently I could never really get a grasp of myself to help myself. I think when I move into my new apartment I’m going to adopt/rescue a cat for companionship and support. I feel like having a sense of responsibility for something else will help me keep focussed on getting to a good place and knowing I can come home to cuddle a bundle of fluff and joy will give me a lot to look forward to. My cat that I’d had since I was 8 years old passed away on boxing day just gone and I feel a sense of emptiness knowing she’s no longer around and that she isn’t at my parents house when I go to visit them. I still look for her all the time.

Waterfalls, goals and 25.

So I’ve been gone from this for a little while (regrettably) and I thought about updating this so many times but never actually took the time to sit down and do it. So I just turned 25 and now I’m feeling that urge to do something with myself and my life. Last year I moved into my first place alone and while I struggled with so much ‘me’ time to begin with (and boy, did I whinge about it) now I’ve come to depend on it and require more alone time to recharge myself. I’m moving again in two weeks into somewhat of an apartment, cheaper rent, closer to town centre, bigger kitchen, no charge for water usage and a balcony!!! Kinda feels like I won the lottery with this one. I feel more determined than ever to actually go and complete my diploma so this year I really want to work on saving a lot of money and relocating to the city to get it done. I spent my 25th birthday in Halls Gap in The Grampians and swimming in a waterfall (Mackenzie Falls) and it was probably the best way to spend my birthday without really acknowledging it. I didn’t have a single breakdown about it, though I did have a couple of dreams about it. This year I really want to worry less about others and how I fit into their lives and just allow things to happen and not get too caught up in my emotions. Not sure how successful I’m going to be in that but I want to be happy within myself and not depend on others for validation. I’d also really like to not get caught up in my mental illness this year and not indulge in self destructive behaviours or things that I know will harm me. If not for myself, for someone else I care a lot about and don’t want to disappoint.

Simple goals for myself this year:

  • Save money.
  • Possibly travel to a state I’ve never visited. Swim in more waterfalls.
  • Find peace within myself and my life, even when I can’t control all situations.
  • Stress less about the little things.
  • Find new hobbies and interests that bring me happiness and validation from myself.



Autumn passing.

These are just some pictures I’ve taken lately that I’m proud of. Sometimes finding beauty in things like this is enough to feel like a breath of fresh air and those seem to be few and far between lately. I’ll take them where I can get them.

Adelaide / Balance and Composure.

I went to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago to hang out with Michael for the first time since January and see Balance and Composure and La Dispute and get my tattoo finished off. It was probably my most expensive four day trip ever (mostly because of my tattoo) but I definitely needed it and as soon as I stepped onto the tarmac I felt like I could breathe again. I’ve just felt like I’m suffocating here for so long and I feel like I’ve been watching myself drown without knowing how to pull myself out without the means of temporary escapes but as soon as I’m back here I start sinking again. I know I need to get out and I’m working towards that. A lot of things have come up this year that I want to do so I’ve been waiting around and wasting away waiting for these things to happen. I won’t be here this time next year, I’ve already decided. I checked out of this place and everything here a long time ago and I’m beginning to think that’s why I’m so tired and feel so lost all the time, my body is here but I am not and I’m trying to find and catch up to myself.  No wonder I’ve been so run down for a year, I’ve been trying to outrun myself and I’ve gone too far. It’s weird to feel unstable when I have an income and a roof above my head and parents who support me (and still allow and want me to live with them) but I feel like I’m treading deep water and can’t seem to see any shore or anything I want to grab onto. It’s interesting and somewhat something I’m proud of that even when I’m struggling for a support system, I won’t compromise myself to find it. I’m sick of temporary escapes and temporary happiness and it’s time I took responsibility for myself and got myself onto solid ground, I’m just still trying to figure out how and where to go.

Melbourne & Soundwave shenanigans.

Trekked solo to Melbourne to attend Soundwave and the ADTR/The Ghost Inside sidewave with my pal Georgia. Had a blast even though we crammed a lot into my four days in my favourite city. Checked out the aquarium and was very disappointed in their lack of an octopus (my favourite animal in the world) but did see some cute jellies and rays. Also met the lovely Nat who did a super pretty tattoo on my leg, can’t wait to see her a million more times because not only is she crazy talented, she’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I’ve never felt so comfortable talking to someone or meeting someone for the first time in my life. Plus I did have to take my pants off for her so now we’re definitely pals because I don’t take my pants off for just anyone. I fell in love with Melbourne and I saw so many friends at Soundwave and it felt like home. Definitely cemented in my mind that Melbourne is where I want to live and where I need to relocate to. Going to try and get back there in a few months to see friends again, I was going to head up for La Dispute and Balance and Composure but I know my way around Adelaide a little easier and know how to get to the venue in Adelaide way easier than I would in Melbourne and Michael and I are way overdue for a hangout.

Since I got back from Melbourne I’ve just been working a lot and saving to go and finish my certificate IV at tafe, considering I finished my cert III the week I went to Melbourne, such a good week! Except when I came home to find our rosters have been cut and now it’s going to be even harder for me to pay the two and a half grand (ridiculous) fee to finish two units and have my certification. Not sure how it can cost so much but be almost half the price in Victoria? I’m heading to Warrnambool next Monday to talk to them and see if we can figure something out, I have a bad feeling it’s going to come down to “You’re not a Victorian resident” and then I’ll be stuck funding it in South Australia anyway. Might just have to get another loan. Really didn’t want to be 23 with two debts already. Life, huh.

Adelaide, Paramore & birthday celebrations.

So on January 14th I got to see my favourite band in the whole wide world again after having not seen them since 2010. Matt, Michael and I were at the venue by 9am and hung around all day. I met up with Chloe, Briddey, Caitlin and their little group and we talked/hung out for most of the day. It was 46 degrees and there was no shelter (besides a car park) and no relief from the heat besides a sprinkler system set up across the car park that we made ocassional trips to in order to cool off and we had to cross the road and tram line (slowest traffic lights I’ve ever come across in my life I swear) to go across the road to The Gov (pub) and use their toilet. I’m sure everyone though the 50 or so of us that were there were insane. Eventually 6pm rolled around and the doors started to open, we were pretty close in the line but given that at Adelaide Entertainment Centre there is no order or organisation, as soon as doors opened, everyone stampeded in and people that got there at 4pm got in before those of us that had been there all day, some of them even pushed in front of my friends that had been there since 4am or earlier. Not impressed. So we didn’t end up with as good as a spot as planned but we ended up 7th from barrier in the beginning, 5th from barrier halfway through Paramore’s set and then 2nd/3rd from barrier during their encore. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and next time they come back, I’m definitely doing the full tour. I feel like I missed out big time because I only did Adelaide, next time I want to do as many as possible, if not all. So Paramore, please come back before I am too old to follow you on tour!

You Me At Six: Stay With Me

Paramore: Grow Up.

Paramore: In The  Mourning

Paramore: I’m Not Angry Anymore

Paramore: Part II outro

Paramore: Still Into You

Warped tour!

These are all my favourite photo’s from Warped. I saw Man Overboard, Tonight Alive (my favourite of the day), New Found Glory, Simple Plan and The Offspring. I ended up going to the Tonight Alive signing after seeing their set because I knew I just had to meet them after seeing them, I’ve loved them since 2009 when they were a baby band with a demo out and never had the chance to see them live until Warped this year. We managed to get 3rd from barrier for their set and I was stoked with that. They’re such lovely people and they’re so sweet, Jenna is the most beautiful person on the planet, I swear. I was all cool and calm until she smiled at me and I basically melted and my mind went “Shit. I can’t talk to you” but I think I did okay, she told me she loved my hair and we had a semi awkward conversation about her colour, because I told her I loved hers and completely forgot to mention how much The Other Side has helped me this year. I’m pretty sure I’ve never screamed lyrics louder in my life than I did to The Fire, Don’t Wish and Wasting Away that day. Definitely going to try my hardest to catch them on their next Aus tour! New Found Glory were amazing as expected, I knew they were gonna be good because they’re my favourite band AND they were playing my favourite album of theirs (my gateway album! (Sticks and Stones) in whole and a few others. Also went to their signing and I was so nervous about talking to them. I was fine until Chad said hi to me and my mind blanked and I was like “how do I talk to you”, but he told me he loved my shirt (NFG Connect The Dots preorder shirt) and we had a little conversation about it, and I told him I’m looking forward to hearing the new Candy Hearts release because he’s producing it and he was so sweet. Such a humble guy. Hopefully I can meet them again and not make a fool of myself next time. Jordan asked what my phone case was (the pink cats face one, it’s huge) and I guess he must have noticed it in the crowd because we were 2nd from barrier, it was so much easier than I expected to get such a good spot! We were on the wrong side of the stage for when Chad climbed up on the barrier though. But I’ll remember that for next time. I had so much fun and it made me want to go to Soundwave next year, so far the plan is looking like going to Melbourne and hangin’ with Georgia!

My phone did not handle audio recording well but I got a few good videos of Tonight Alive at Warped.

Jenna in front of us for No Different. Coolest moment.

Jenna’s speech before Lonely Girl. I wish I would have kept recording to the part where she sings “And I won’t be the one to kep you sane” and says “She’s fucking crazy” afterwards because it’s cute and I love her energy and her attitude on stage.

My really terrible recording of Don’t Wish because this song means a lot to me. The “I always wished you well” part where she holds that note makes me melt, so flawless live.

I’m still so excited by my day at Warped and all the bands I saw, I’m so happy I went.