Christmas Prep.

I’m trying really hard to get more into the Christmas-y spirit. I can’t remember the last time I was really excited about Christmas but this year I have Sebastian and C to spend it with. I’m really excited to spend my Christmas with someone and maybe form some of our own traditions, this is the first holiday season I’ve shared with a significant other and I’m looking forward to spending Christmas eve in my apartment with her and Christmas day split between our families. She’s coming to my family’s house for an all vegan Christmas with my parents and brother and I want to make a bunch of cool vegan deserts, I’m thinking vegan pavlova and truffles. I want to go all DIY this year and gift people baked goods instead of spending money on things that may go unappreciated or just be impractical, and besides, who doesn’t love food? I’m wanting to create little gift jars of shortbread’s, truffles and if I get really fancy, maybe some nougat? Not sure I’ll be able to master it but I sure want to try.


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