A New Chapter.

I’ve really got to stop abandoning this blog. A lot of things have happened and changed for me since my last post and I think I’ve grown up a lot. I invested myself into an unhealthy relationship and in turn, had to learn a lot of hard lessons since ending it. 6-8 months ago I was so sad and defeated because I couldn’t make someone love me the way I needed and I guess selfishly, wanted them to. I met someone a year ago basically by chance and our lives went different ways and we both had some lessons to learn, but our paths reconnected 3 months ago and things just kind of came together in a way that felt effortless and right. Now I’m in the best relationship of my life to date and I’m so at ease around her and I never thought I would feel that with anyone. I almost ruined it out of fear and fear of change but I’m so glad I didn’t. I didn’t think I’d ever be this happy and I definitely didn’t think I’d be in a relationship that feels so easy and balanced, who knew it would take having my heart broken multiple times (sometimes by the same person) to learn to be whole on my own and that, that experience would bring the right person into my orbit.