Melbourne & Soundwave shenanigans.

Trekked solo to Melbourne to attend Soundwave and the ADTR/The Ghost Inside sidewave with my pal Georgia. Had a blast even though we crammed a lot into my four days in my favourite city. Checked out the aquarium and was very disappointed in their lack of an octopus (my favourite animal in the world) but did see some cute jellies and rays. Also met the lovely Nat who did a super pretty tattoo on my leg, can’t wait to see her a million more times because not only is she crazy talented, she’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I’ve never felt so comfortable talking to someone or meeting someone for the first time in my life. Plus I did have to take my pants off for her so now we’re definitely pals because I don’t take my pants off for just anyone. I fell in love with Melbourne and I saw so many friends at Soundwave and it felt like home. Definitely cemented in my mind that Melbourne is where I want to live and where I need to relocate to. Going to try and get back there in a few months to see friends again, I was going to head up for La Dispute and Balance and Composure but I know my way around Adelaide a little easier and know how to get to the venue in Adelaide way easier than I would in Melbourne and Michael and I are way overdue for a hangout.

Since I got back from Melbourne I’ve just been working a lot and saving to go and finish my certificate IV at tafe, considering I finished my cert III the week I went to Melbourne, such a good week! Except when I came home to find our rosters have been cut and now it’s going to be even harder for me to pay the two and a half grand (ridiculous) fee to finish two units and have my certification. Not sure how it can cost so much but be almost half the price in Victoria? I’m heading to Warrnambool next Monday to talk to them and see if we can figure something out, I have a bad feeling it’s going to come down to “You’re not a Victorian resident” and then I’ll be stuck funding it in South Australia anyway. Might just have to get another loan. Really didn’t want to be 23 with two debts already. Life, huh.