Warped tour!

These are all my favourite photo’s from Warped. I saw Man Overboard, Tonight Alive (my favourite of the day), New Found Glory, Simple Plan and The Offspring. I ended up going to the Tonight Alive signing after seeing their set because I knew I just had to meet them after seeing them, I’ve loved them since 2009 when they were a baby band with a demo out and never had the chance to see them live until Warped this year. We managed to get 3rd from barrier for their set and I was stoked with that. They’re such lovely people and they’re so sweet, Jenna is the most beautiful person on the planet, I swear. I was all cool and calm until she smiled at me and I basically melted and my mind went “Shit. I can’t talk to you” but I think I did okay, she told me she loved my hair and we had a semi awkward conversation about her colour, because I told her I loved hers and completely forgot to mention how much The Other Side has helped me this year. I’m pretty sure I’ve never screamed lyrics louder in my life than I did to The Fire, Don’t Wish and Wasting Away that day. Definitely going to try my hardest to catch them on their next Aus tour! New Found Glory were amazing as expected, I knew they were gonna be good because they’re my favourite band AND they were playing my favourite album of theirs (my gateway album! (Sticks and Stones) in whole and a few others. Also went to their signing and I was so nervous about talking to them. I was fine until Chad said hi to me and my mind blanked and I was like “how do I talk to you”, but he told me he loved my shirt (NFG Connect The Dots preorder shirt) and we had a little conversation about it, and I told him I’m looking forward to hearing the new Candy Hearts release because he’s producing it and he was so sweet. Such a humble guy. Hopefully I can meet them again and not make a fool of myself next time. Jordan asked what my phone case was (the pink cats face one, it’s huge) and I guess he must have noticed it in the crowd because we were 2nd from barrier, it was so much easier than I expected to get such a good spot! We were on the wrong side of the stage for when Chad climbed up on the barrier though. But I’ll remember that for next time. I had so much fun and it made me want to go to Soundwave next year, so far the plan is looking like going to Melbourne and hangin’ with Georgia!

My phone did not handle audio recording well but I got a few good videos of Tonight Alive at Warped.

Jenna in front of us for No Different. Coolest moment.

Jenna’s speech before Lonely Girl. I wish I would have kept recording to the part where she sings “And I won’t be the one to kep you sane” and says “She’s fucking crazy” afterwards because it’s cute and I love her energy and her attitude on stage.

My really terrible recording of Don’t Wish because this song means a lot to me. The “I always wished you well” part where she holds that note makes me melt, so flawless live.

I’m still so excited by my day at Warped and all the bands I saw, I’m so happy I went.


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