Models Prefer make up review.

8152013121639This is a weird post for me to make because I don’t usually blog about cosmetics and make up, unless I’m talking about what I’ve bought, rather than what I think of what I’ve bought. But yesterday I went to Priceline to have a look at their sales and ended up at the Model’s Prefer display, eyeing off brushes. Now, I don’t need any more make up brushes (I have about 10-15) but they had a ‘3 for the price of 2’ sale happening and I wasn’t going to pass that up! After staring at the brushes for a while I still couldn’t decide what I wanted or needed to add to my little kit and started looking at products. I found this eyebrow ‘fixer’ gel and considering I have been using a wax over my brows to hold them in place (which was coloured and was prone to smudging, mind you) I picked it up and thought there was no harm in trying it out, especially because this was included in the ‘3 for 2’ sale. I also ended up picking up a eyebrow highlighter pencil (I’ve been using eyeshadow on mine) and this eye brightener cream, which is basically a pink concealer to put over dark circles under the eyes. I don’t really expect products like this to work, considering I try to use concealer on my dark circles all the time and they remain pretty noticeable so it’s just not something I worry too much about anymore, but when I used it today I was so suprised!


(Models Prefer – Eye Brightener) Initially I wasted a fair bit of the product because I couldn’t figure out how to use it properly. I twisted and twisted the cap but it didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, so I got impatient and twisted it faster and then a heap of the product spurted out onto my hand. You only need to use a really little bit of it because it spreads a lot and goes a long way. It definitely doesn’t feel oil based so it’s a nice, light product to wear under your foundation. I didn’t take a before picture of my dark circles but they’re fairly dark and fairly blue. This picture grosses me out because I can still see yesterday’s eyeliner and mascara on my bottom lashline but I guess I didn’t really think ahead. I wasn’t going to try and do a review of it on my blog because it’s not something I really do or think I’d be good at, and I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. But I am so impressed with this! It sells for $12.99 and it’s definitely becoming a staple in my daily make up. It’s awesome.

8152013152543 I used the two brow products and they’re both excellent. The  MP eyebrow highlighter is a white pencil and it goes on really smooth and considering I’m not a huge fan of pencil products, I really liked it and I’ll definitely be using it more often. I fill my eyebrows in with the Face Of Australia – High Definition Eyebrow kit and I swear by it, I don’t think I’ll ever seek out another eyebrow filler again. It comes with 2 shadows (powder form), one light brown, one dark brown and a wax, also in dark brown. I think the idea is you use the wax underneath so the powder sticks to it, but I can never get a shape I’m happy with by doing wax first, so I always do shadow to line/shape and fill and then put the wax over it to fill any gaps and to make them more sharp/defined. The MP Eyebrow Fixer gel is a cool little product and I don’t know why I didn’t use one like it before. These products are both now staples in my make up routine and kit.

8152013152838Another product I used for the first time today (but isn’t necessarily new) was the Australis Matte Me – Lipstick Mattifying base. I bought this close to a month ago and haven’t really used it because I’ve been wearing only matte lipstick for the last month (I no longer like cream lipsticks, I want everything matte all the time, now) so thanks to this cool little product, now all my lipsticks can be matte! I’ve been sick with the flu for the past weeks so my lips are chapped and disgusting but that’s what make up is for, right! I applied the mattifying base underneath my lipstick and liner (hence the word ‘base’) and while it doesn’t hold the lipstick in place perfectly (never decide to eat immediately after applying red lipstick, it’s a messy/awful experience) it definitely doesn’t diminish the colour or make it any less effective. It also doesn’t make it a true matte but I think that would definitely be because of the conditioning/moisturising ingredients in the lipstick itself.


My eyeliner today is heavier than normal (mostly by accident) because I couldn’t get the line even and then you keep adding to make them balanced, and then it just usually ends up at the “It’s fine no one will be staring anyway” or “Now I look like a panda” stage, luckily I didn’t get to the panda stage today. In this photo’s it looks like I’m not wearing blush (probably because I’m still a little scared of it and don’t like to wear a lot) but I’m actually wearing Face Of Australia’s blush in Terra.

This post makes me a little self conscious because even though I love make up and have a big collection, I don’t normally talk about it or post about it but considering I think I know a little bit about it (and I did study for it and get a certificate out of it) I don’t think I should be insecure about it. I miss doing make up and I’m thinking about studying it further once I move and get settled in Adelaide. Why not, right! I put everything on hold and gave up all my own things for a relationship that didn’t work out and I’ve learnt how unhealthy it is to give yourself up for someone else and I know the only way I’ll find happiness is by finding it within myself and doing things I want to do and doing what makes me happy. So thankful to have learnt these lessons before it was too late. This change in my hair colour has been the biggest confidence boost. I was going through an almost quarter life crisis earlier this year (right after my break up) because I didn’t know ‘how I wanted to look’ or ‘what I’m supposed to look like’ or ‘who I’m meant to be’ and even though it was stressful, it’s actually freeing to realise ‘wow, I can be someone completely different now’. I definitely plan on being a stronger, happier version of myself from now on, because I spent my time since I was about 17 not feeling good enough for anything and like I couldn’t accomplish or achieve anything and hiding myself from life. I was actually hiding, and now I don’t want to. I want to go out and do everything I’ve ever wanted and I’m excited to start a new life in Adelaide with my best friend. 23 is going to be so much better than 22, 21, 20, and all the previous years, I’ll make sure of it.


Break-over phase II.

I haven’t updated in a month, though I’ve been meaning to. Nothing too exciting has happened, mostly working, but there have been a few fun things between. I ventured off into Victoria again and saw (drove by) the Grampians, went to Portland and finally saw Cape Bridgewater, which is gorgeous. Definitely need to go swimming there in summer, look at that blue water! Michael came down from Adelaide to visit and he did his thing on my hair. I now finally have a red to orange ombre that I’ve been lusting after for so long. I’m so happy. He’s ridic. talented and I can’t wait to live in Adelaide where I can go to him for my hair all the time. The camera that I wanted and was going to put my tax return towards became unavailable/was out of stock so I decided it was a sign to be responsible and put the money into savings to move with, so I did. And then a couple of days ago, I got an email saying it was available again AND in the colour/version I want! Sucks that I now can’t allow myself to buy it. I love my Pentax but sometimes I just crave new things. Going to break out my little Pentax baby on a sunny spring day and get myself back into the habit of using an actual camera to take photo’s, rather than using my phone. Which does the job and produces some awesome images, but I put a lot of money towards my Pentax and I’d hate to waste it.

I’m currently off work for about a week with a flu of some kind, my doctor said she wants me resting and not working, so my kidney can rest and so my blood pressure can calm. Although, it was lower this time! Still not great but it was definitely lower, but she said it could be because I’m sick so we’re checking it again in October/November when she does my blood test results again. Never thought going to get a prescription for the pill would open all these doors, dang. As long as things are being looked after, I guess. My diet has been shocking (I’m talking fast food more than once a week) because I’m still in a weird place since my break up and I’m at the “I don’t give a f**k about anything” stage, which will catch up to me eventually, I’m sure.

In some weird moment of self reflection after waking up hungover on Sunday I realised what the actual reason I started drinking after my break up was-  I thought it would bring Lauren back (even though I don’t want her back), I thought it would piss her off into caring again (which it hasn’t, I don’t think she cares how I end up, frankly). I guess I’m still struggling to let go of someone/something that meant everything to me for 7 years. It was a pretty disappointing moment, to realise how weak and pathetic I actually am and how vulnerable I still am to her, even without her being a direct issue. Here’s hoping I can grow up and actually be the strong person my friends and family think I am. Starting with making decisions for myself that I need to make, even if they’re stressful or difficult to begin with.