August beginnings.

I had a really great weekend. Had cute coffee, lunch and dinner dates with Flic. We checked out Cafe Melzars but didn’t want to eat from there, so we just had coffee and found lunch at Macs, my favourite pub food. Had the best veggie burger which I’ve had from there before and couldn’t go without again. I will actually try something else, one day. Went out Saturday night with Flic but only stayed out until about half past one, because everywhere was dead besides Mac’s and I hate the crowd that goes there. It’s too loud in there and you can’t even hear yourself think, it’s a bit overwhelming. We were there for about 2 minutes and then left. We started off at The Commersh because Bite The Bullet were playing and I wanted to see them, they ended up doing a Blink 182 cover of All The Small Things and it made my night. We ended up stopping drinking because it wasn’t fun and coming home to watch movies in bed with food. I have to say, I definitely appreciate food in bed so much more while slightly drunk. Amazing. I spent my Sunday in bed, did my tax. Hoping to buy the Nikon J1 when it comes in!  So excited. Good things are happening.


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