The ending of Winter & the on-sight of Summer.


I’ve been taking big breaks between updating because nothing interesting has been happening. I’ve been working a lot and seeing friends a lot, but because it’s Winter there hasn’t been a lot to do or a lot of adventures or things to photograph. My Summer is looking pretty full of fun though, Warped Tour, City and Colour & Adelaide fun with Kasey and then my birthday (no plans yet) and towards the end of it, Soundwave! Somewhere in there, there is also a Paramore tour. No dates announced yet but rumours are for January. Big Day Out lineup was pretty poor so hopefully AJ got all the good bands for Soundwave. Hoping for Rage Against The Machine to play. I can’t believe I finally get to see New Found Glory at Warped tour this year, I actually cried at the announcement. I finally get to see my favourite band ever. Summer is gonna leave me so broke but it’ll be so worth it. Going to make sure it’s the best Summer of my life so far. And then to focus on moving to Adelaide to around my best friend (the better, funnier version of me) always.

I haven’t even done my tax return but I think I already know what I’m spending it on, depending on how much I get back. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera (Pentax K-r) for a while and I found a good deal on a Nikon J1 twin lens kit and I want it so bad. Unfortunately I can only get it in the Black version (want the pink one so badly!) but it’s a cute little camera and it looks a lot easier to lug around than my big Pentax baby. I don’t think I’ll part with it though, I love it too much and I’ve put a lot of money and work into it. It’s mine for life. I think I really want the J1 though, I’ve been looking into it for a while and it seems like a great option!