Life things.

I guess I got really slack with posting here. I’ve just been dealing with a lot of things and a lot of post relationship feelings that I thought were over but I guess they’re not. I went to Adelaide last week with Ozzie so she could see Tool play and it was fun. I definitely want to move up there now and kinda start my life over. I ended up having to buy a new laptop because my other one died and it was in the same week I had to replace my phone because I smashed it when I was drunk and stupid, so I went through about $1500 of my savings that week and it sucked. But now my phone and laptop are both white and match and they’re pretty.

I discovered a new bath bomb at Lush that I like (and I’d never even tried it or considered it before), Avobath. Smells so good. Treated myself to my 2 faves and that one + a lip stain I’ve been wanting for ages. I just wanna live in the city and work in a cute store like Lush or Typo and have cute city friends and do cute city things. I’m going to move up asap.


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